Accident insurance provides valuable protection to all student while saving the college a significant amount of money.
  • Mandatory Student Accident Insurance

    Implementing Mandatory Student Accident insurance is an innovative
    approach to containing the rising cost of insurance premiums for colleges & universities.

    Our plans will provide valuable protection to all students while saving the school a significant amount of money while providing a substantial benefit to all students.

    Our plans provide vital accident coverage for students without health insurance while filling in the gaps for those with family plans. Students with health insurance face out-of-pocket responsibility, resulting from higher deductibles, co pays, and co-insurances.

    Student Insurance plans benefit all students, not just athletes. We are focusing on protecting every enrolled student while providing the school with peace of mind.

    Catastrophic Sports Accident Insurance

    Catastrophic coverage will increase your limits to levels as high as $5,000,000 per injury/accident, with up to a 10 year or Lifetime Benefit Period.

    The cost of this coverage is typically nominal and very affordable, compared to the high levels of coverage obtained.

    Although you hope never to use this insurance, it will benefit the institution and your injured athlete in the event of a catastrophic-type accident.

    Regardless of athletic association affiliation, you should also consider providing catastrophic coverage for your athletes.

    The exposure in sports like football, rugby, soccer, and lacrosse have very high-risk exposures to the institution.

    Coverage Extends To:  General Campus Accidents, Slips, and Falls Club & Intramural Sports Campus Clubs Intercollegiate Sports Co-Ops, Internships & Externships Campus Events & Activities Travel To & From Campus Academies (police & fire)

    S.A.I.N. brings together our expertise and legacy of providing student and athletic insurance coverage, successfully serving California's community colleges for onver 25 years.
    Student Athlete Insurance Network (S.A.I.N.) History

    Implemented in the 1993-1994 academic year, the S.A.I.N. Accident Program was a direct response to an expressed need of California community colleges to manage and control the increasing costs of student and athletic insurance.

    S.A.I.N. was designed through the combined efforts of Student Health Services Directors, Athletic Directors, Risk Managers, and C.B.O.s (of several colleges), Anthem Blue Cross, and Student Insurance. Twenty-four community colleges participated in that initial year; the program has more than tripled since then in college participation and insured students.

    An advisory council, the "Oversight Committee," from various member colleges review the rate structure and plan in a yearly off-site meeting. Our program has strengthened and the rates controlled through the members' volunteer efforts, making the insurance program work to the advantage of community colleges, incorporating several key elements: rate groups, plan design, claims experience, and comprehensive coverage

    S.A.I.N. provides coverage for INJURIES suffered by regularly enrolled students while on (or off-campus) participating in approved school and/or district-approved club activities supervised by an insured district staff.


    Coverage under the S.A.I.N. program extends to children in the colleges' childcare facilities whose parents are enrolled in the college.

    • Limited coverage is extended to "official visitors" to the college who are injured while on the premises.

    • 100% of the Plan treatment is covered and provided by the Anthem Blue Cross Preferred Provider Network (subject to plan deductible).

    The plan provides accidental death benefits and dental injury benefits.

    Reference must be made to the master contract provided to the college regarding specific limitations for dental, physical therapy treatment, and rental of durable medical equipment

    Membership Benefits

    All participating colleges' claims experiences are pooled together, better-averaging claims with a more stable premium rate structure.

    Typically, student and athletic insurance programs base their premium rates on the individual college's claims experience, accounting for violent swings in premiums from year to year.

    The S.A.I.N. program's effect minimizes rate changes by leveling the experience over a larger number of insured persons.